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An interview with Paul Lindsell from The Crypto Prophecies: A live action head to head trading game with crisp animation, beautiful design, and a uniqe NFT player owned economy.

Moonboots Capital is exceptionally proud to be an early investor in Crypto Prophecies for many of the reasons outlined in the following article.  Likely to be one of the most anticipated debuts of this year, fast-paced trading competitions meet a rich and creative player-owned NFT metaverse.

We carved out a few minutes with the Co-Founder and CEO, Paul Lindsell and the following was the resulting conversation.  We hope you enjoy reading as much as we did writing.  Paul is a super interesting, bright and funny guy.


Enter the Prophets

Every once in a while we have something slide across our desk that breaks the mold. Believe us when we say that this doesn’t happen often. We see plenty of innovation. Just nothing ever quite like this.

Crypto Prophets is clearly in a league of its own: A blockchain based game with more layers than an onion. A truly unique NFT, trading prediction metaverse with crisp animation and studio level design.

Imagine yourself or your favorite celebrity traders battling it out on live stream while the crowd places their bet on who wins. Add some cute character NFT’s based on your favorite blockchain, a cape, and your favorite pets, and you’re in for the wild ride that is Crypto Prophecies.

The Concept

Crypto Prophecies is an immersive ecosystem where traders use items, spells, and different character races to overthrow their enemies in fast paced peer- to-peer trading battles. Every aspect of the game is a competition and each time a person plays, they have various opportunities to grow their characters and their arsenals through player-owned NFT gamified economies.

Crypto Prophecies isn’t for the weak hearted, but as Paul Lindsell, CEO and Co-Founder goes on to explain, it was never meant to be.


Paul Lindsell

Paul sits across from the camera with a warm and playful grin. Quick witted and approachable, we begin to talk about how this concept came to be. Paul is a staunch believer in accumulation of experiences pushing us to where we should be. His background certainly seems to validate this belief.

Paul has had a robust career as a creative industry designer and Art Director by trade. He has been running digital agencies in technology since the dot com boom. His last ten years led him into the finance field.

In 2017, he walked in on one of his hired freelancers who should have been working on his project focused on something else at his desk. Paul wasn’t initially pleased until he realized he had been dipping his toes into crypto currency and was working on another project. This freelancer, who would later become a Co-Founder, shared some of what he was doing.

His partner had designed an algorithmic trading platform on which they ended up working together and Paul fell in love with blockchain as he began writing whitepapers and building products. It was a natural progression for him. He loved everything that blockchain stood for and his unique past had aligned him to be able to bring all of his skills and passion to the arena.

Paul started Quazard, a company focused on financial gaming, and created a project called Botwars™. Botwars was a new approach to education that allowed people to learn how to trade using robots and guns. It was successful, but Paul knew he wanted to push the boundaries further into a truly immersive ecosystem. Something highly gamified, fast paced, and something that brought his love for art and creativity to a new level of freedom.

He remembered his early exposure while building Botwars to the market segment he would soon embrace. He would receive trading advice from various community members. Everyone seemed to have a passionate opinion about the next moves of the cryptocurrency markets and he enjoyed them playing off of each other.

He remembered thinking of them as prophets. All sorts of interesting and funny personalities asserting their opinions from the community. The idea for Crypto Prophecies was born: A place where these traders could let their legacy shine and stand out as the best and most consistent trader for bragging rights and clout.

They began to work on Crypto Prophecies in 2020. The game concept was layered from their blockchain experiences with four races who are influenced by various blockchains and cleverly themed with underlying aspects that are representative of that perspective blockchain.

“The Ripptilian race have a reputation for being devious and manipulative, some folk tales even claim that the Ripptilians are not even real Crypto Prophets. This reflects the fact that ripple is not a true blockchain”

Sorry XRP Army. We still love you. We’re just teasing. Kind of…

NFT’s, Art, Gamification, and Utility

Until recently, Crypto Prophecies had been completely bootstrapped by Paul and his team. He had played numerous blockchain games but found they tended to fall flat in terms of overall user experience and design.

He loved the idea of NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens), but felt as though they were under-utilized. Staring at a JPG and buying art to own didn’t entirely compute for him, but he also admits that he had never been an art collector previously either.

He was, however, a huge fan of design and animation and wanted to ensure he could tap into that passion to bring his vision to life.

Paul wanted to use NFT’s and art to their full potential, assigning utility and gamification to each and every aspect of the creation; Each item increasing your chances of winning and holding significant utility to ensure a stable and growing user owned economy.


Paul and his team are advocates for player owned decentralized economies, however, they are also realists.

“To really nail a blockchain gaming environment, you need the blockchain to be truly non existent. It needs to be a piece of the game, but something that resides in the background as a feature rather than a focus,” he explains during our interview.

“We built the game using Polygon because it is incredibly fast and affordable. It’s the only way it would work without ruining the user experience. It uses the Binance BTC USD feed because the decentralized oracles just don’t have a fast enough timeframe. It’s the only element of the game that is centralized,” he explains. At the end of the day, the most important metrics are on chain and everything is transparent and provably fair. “It has to work. It has to be approachable, and it has to be fast.”




Crypto Prophets is a truly skill based game and was always intended to be such. The basic premise of the game is that players match by the size of their wager and are sent into the battle arena. Real-time/live Chart formations are presented on screen and every incoming candle must be predicted to go up or down. In this battle arena speed is important, as you are also against the clock – faster predictions score more points. The user with the most correct guesses takes all of the points.

While the premise is simple, the various items add layers of strategy and depth. Your choice of race combined with your in game item purchases can add additional vectors and dynamics.

With magic spells, capes, wands, and pets, your characters become stronger and more capable. Rarity levels assigned to each NFT also allow for some interesting twists and turns.


Players can combine the same types of cards to burn them and receive higher tiers and rarities. You can equip your prophet with the latest NFT items to increase your chances in the arena and buy, sell, and trade your items on the open market.

The game is fully built in browser but there are elements of web3 and Unity. The game is built to be a hybrid of fast trading candles with special effects and NFT collectables with gamification. More importantly, it is a game where each and every single element of the platform is built with game theory and reward systems.

In addition to winning prizes in the games, the platform comes with a multitude of reasons to play and even lose.

Prophet Kingdom

Each time a game is played, a 3 percent kingdom fee is taken from the wagers.  50 percent of that fee is burned, making the token deflationary, while 40 percent is sent to a prize pool.  An additional 10 percent is sent to a house account to fund development and infrastructure.

Even if you play and lose you still have a chance to win tokens daily through this prize pool. The rarity of your character and the ratio of your wins factor into your chances of winning the daily draw.

The token itself, TCP, is used to purchase NFT characters, items and ancillaries. It is also used as a prize in probabilistic draws, to gain access to special events and tournaments, and to vote in a user governed ecosystem.

The Future of Crypto Prophecies

We asked Paul about the future of Crypto Prophecies and were not surprised to hear he has some interesting plans. Crypto Prophecies are launching their IDO soon, and an NFT sale will follow shortly after providing an opportunity for players to snag some of the most interesting Prophets and NFT items for the game.

The launch of the game itself is anticipated later in May, but the journey won’t stop there. Paul and his team plan on scaling it into larger leagues, supporting battles with multiple teams on each side. Live streaming and external betting as a form of esports price prediction are also on the cards; Something that could generate a lot of interest while watching some of your favorite trading influencers battle head to head while placing bets on the team you think will come out on top.

When asked about user acquisition and go to market strategy, Paul mentions that they have already had 130,000 interested people sign up for in game tokens on their website. A feat that is impressive for a new project in a short period of time. Paul wants to use the community as the primary initial go to market with referrals and bonuses; A tactic that works well with concepts as interesting as Crypto Prophecies, and rewards early adapters.

Paul also mentions that partnerships will be a driving force in their go to market strategy. He has had conversations with entities that could potentially bring millions of players. He tells us that because of non disclosure agreements, he can’t be too forthcoming at this time, but knowing Paul and his level of determination and focus, we can’t help but think there is more than meets the eye happening behind the curtains.

“Physical collectibles backing NFT’s with NFC chips are not off the table yet either,” as Paul smiles and proudly shows a decorative Crypto Prophet statue to the camera.

“We are seeing some lovely collectibles but we believe that NFT’s in gaming are the future. We want to bring a genuine use case to NFT’s and collectibles”

Bringing NFT backed gamer memorabilia that is tangible in the real word is clearly on their agenda. Utility overall is something lacking in a lot of NFT based economies. It would seem Crypto Prophecies has this in spades.

“Bring in all the things people love in the gaming space: A Blend of pokemon with price prediction and trading. Our focus is on bringing lots of utility and lots of value but also hopefully in an easy to understand fashion. You need a rocket science degree to understand some of the games on the market whereas our game has some pretty simple principles when broken down.”


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