MoonBoots is proud to announce a strategic merger with The Goodfellas Community and Bullrun Gravano

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MoonBoots is incredibly happy to announce that we are merging with the Goodfellas Community and Bullrun Gravano is coming on as a full time MoonBoots Partner.

“Trust has an unlimited value, The father of all currencies” 

 In the last six months, MoonBoots has grown beyond our wildest imagination. When three friends came together with a vision of creating a community who could reciprocate value to the ecosystem while making investments in projects we loved, we never imagined it would take off as quickly as it has.

That being said, growth in a bull market is easy, but sustainability and maintaining relevance is hard. Sustainability comes from your reputation and the trust you instill with those you work with. Accordingly, We’ve worked hard to build and maintain trust with some of the fastest growing projects in the industry as well as some of the most credible organizations supporting them.

Moonboots was built on a simple premise: Develop great relationships and partners, work diligently to deliver value and maintain them.

Today, we are truly proud to announce a progression of one such relationship we have been nurturing since day 1.

Welcoming Bullrun Gravano and the Goodfellas


Since our genesis, Bullrun Gravano and the Goodfellas have been a close ally and friend of the MoonBoots Family.  Supporting each other with introductions, private sale access, strategy, marketing, and KOL deployment, we’re proud to announce that moving forward we are solidifying the relationship with a complete strategic merger.

Bullrun Gravano will be joining Moonboots Capital as a full time partner and we couldn’t be happier to have him.  For years, he has displayed levels of integrity and honesty beyond compromise and has been a fantastic asset to the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

Always professional and kind, with a strong guiding moral compass, Bullrun is a sharp strategist and has built fantastic relationships because of his ability to represent himself and his organization with professionalism and integrity.

The Goodfellas Community itself has been a culmination of his work and desire to build a network that provided value and a place for those to gather, learn and talk about blockchain technology.

Along with the strong presence of a new partner, MoonBoots will also merge with the Goodfellas group where we will continue to add value and ensure the group grows and prospers along with its existing members.

What does this mean for Moonboots?


In essence, We’re gaining another founding member who brings strong technical knowledge and a diverse toolset across all of our offerings.  It means more AMA’s and more community initiatives.  It means a growing war chest of services and expanding reach for all of our clients we actively engage.

A rebrand will also follow; for both Moonboots and Goodfellas.  Over the coming weeks we will slowly be updating our logo and eventually our site.  All of our collateral for the provision of services to clients will be updated to accurately reflect our abilities to help great entrepreneurs get their projects to market.

We are dedicated to helping to grow and improve the GoodFellas community in a symbiotic manner that brings more opportunities, value, and better engagement from the surrounding ecosystem.


What happens next?


We will be changing the name of Goodfellas to reflect MoonBoots in the coming days and weeks. We’ll also be creating some new collateral and initiatives that the existing community should enjoy. We’ll be updating Moonshop and having a little fun with some giveaways and promotions.

Our team will become one and we’ll begin streamlining a lot of our offerings to accurately reflect our expanding tool set.

We’ll be putting our brains together and thinking about various ways we can continue to bring value to our clients and communities alike. We’ll be onboarding new projects and adding strategic partners.

In short, we’ll be working together to continue to grow Moonboots as a community, a symbiotic venture capital organization, and service provider for top emerging blockchain projects in the space.

The merger with Goodfellas organization Is something we’re incredibly honoured to announce and we couldn’t be happier to have Bullrun Gravano, his team, and his community join us. If you haven’t yet joined the Goodfellas on Telegram, we highly recommend you do so here.

Welcome Bullrun. Welcome Goodfellas. Let’s make 2021 the most memorable, fun, and successful year yet.


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