GoodFellas Kucoin Launchpad AMA

With the Goodfellas Community tomorrow at 5 PM UTC

Written By Moonboots Capital

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MoonBoots in partnership with Goodfellas Telegram Community is proud to announce an AMA with Kucoin LaunchPad on July 21st, at 3 PM UST.

July 21, at 15:00 UTC, The GoodFellas Community and MoonBoots are incredibly proud to host the team from the Kucoin LaunchPad in a live AMA.

The Kucoin community chain is very new and still very much in its infancy.  With the backing of Kucoin, we suspect it’s going to be an ecosystem to watch in the coming weeks and months.  Accordingly, we have teamed up as ecosystem and strategic partners with one of the trailblazing launchpads coming to the Kucoin Community Chain.

New blockchains can be exciting and present a plethora of opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs to build innovative technology for the decentralized economy in a new frontier.  The team behind Kucoin Launchpad is a team we have worked with and supported for quite some time.  We’re incredibly happy to be involved in their journey beyond the frontiers of the more traditional ecosystems.

Welcoming Kucoin Launchpad


About the AMA

Time: 15:00 UTC
Location: Goodfellas Community

We are giving away 1 allocation of 100 USDT in $KCLP tokens at the public sale price and 2 prizes of $100 USDT. 

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