Welcoming Petrix Barbosa

MoonBoots is incredibly happy to announce Petrix Barbosa as our newest full-time MoonBoots Partner.

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Moonboots Capital a blockchain focused venture capital collective that provides early stage seed capital as well as advisory services and marketing support.


MoonBoots is incredibly happy to announce Petrix Barbosa as our newest full-time MoonBoots Partner.

The Landscape

It has been an absolute whirlwind few months in the blockchain sector.  Bitcoin has risen to new highs and the adoption of digital currencies by banks, countries, and institutional investors has followed. 

2017 was an impulse-driven wave backed by speculation and little substance.  Applications like Crypto Kitties didn’t appease sophisticated investors but they inspired confidence and demonstrated technological possibilities.  Polymaths and accomplished entrepreneurs who saw the vision moved in and began to build on top of Distributed ledger technology.  The recent surge of activity in the space seems to be a lagging indicator of those entities’ foresight of what blockchain would enable.  We’re seeing an emergence of applications providing alternate and improved systems to their centralized counterparts and the belief in the decentralized monetary systems are spreading like wildfire.  Justified perhaps, as the legacy systems show signs of weakness and abuse.

While we have been working on MoonBoots since early this year, all of our founding members have been in the space since those early crazy days of speculation-driven markets; Pioneers who understood the promise of a free digital monetary system and decentralized smart contract technologies that will inevitably replace the building blocks of the existing internet.

“We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical framework that is free of politics and human error”

-Tyler Winkelvoss


We recently announced the addition of a new partner, Bullrun Gravano, and our impending merger with The Goodfellas Comunity on Telegram.  We’ve been seeking trusted partners with whom we have built relationships over the last year.  Not only are they are a strong strategic asset, but they are legitimately great people we enjoy working with.  Success comes with hard work, but it has to fun and great organizations have to have synergy to thrive.

Today, we are incredibly pleased to announce the merger of another MoonBoots Partner and Founder who fits that ethos.

Welcoming Petrix Barbosa to MoonBoots


For most people in the industry, Petrix Barbosa needs very little introduction.  Petrix has been around for many years and invested and advised on more than 60 projects in the blockchain space in various capacities.  Petrix carries a large following in distributed ledger tech and also serves as the Chief Business Development Officer for the OMNI social media application.

That being said, Petrix is not new to the spotlight; As an accomplished gymnast on the world stage, having been an Olympian and medalist in several Pan American Games, Petrix has focused his work ethic and dedication over the last few years in the digital asset landscape.  Petrix has gracefully risen to become a true tour de force with a keen eye for business relationships and strategy.

Petrix has also worked as a founding member of multiple strong DLT communities and currently runs Dude Signals and the Dude Army.

He joins MoonBoots as a guiding force and full-time partner of the organization and we couldn’t be happier to have him.  Intelligent, enthusiastic, and kind, his charismatic presence and attention to detail make him a great asset and someone we are truly honored to spend time with on a daily basis.


The MoonBoots effect

Bringing Petrix on as a partner will help to serve and enhance all aspects of our offerings to both our clients and communities.  Petrix has an excellent reputation and is a welcome face to the many clients he currently serves through his ongoing business activities.

With a penchant for delivering great results in the realm of strategic marketing, user engagement, business development, and go-to-market strategy, Petrix will help pave new relationships, solidify services, and seek better engagements with clients to fortify all of our offerings.

The Dude Army

Along with Petrix will come a merger with the Dude Signals and Community Telegram channels.  This merger will be less visible on the surface level as they retain their name, branding ethos, and direction, but also function as another community arm through all of our business development activities.

MoonBoots, in return, will help ensure the community has strong growth and structural support while providing its members with incentives, opportunities, and new engagements that will bring value to the channel.

The MoonBoots team will work strategically to add value and ensure that the channel retains its identity and core values.  We don’t seek to change or commercialize the channel but rather help funnel symbiotic value exchange.

What does this mean for our clients?

On top of adding another talented member to the team, we are focusing on expanding our outlook and reach.  Our focus will be bringing highly vetted projects and opportunities to those who participate in the communities and we currently have some very interesting plans to help engage and connect all of our partner networks.  We will be talking about these plans more in the near future.

Moving forward

Petrix is currently settling into his role with MoonBoots.  He’s already quite comfy and it feels like an extension of our previous close partner relationship rather than a merger.   He will continue to lead any of his current business engagements but with a larger network of toolsets and resources.

MoonBoots will continue to push forward with clients, community, and relationships but better prepared with some new core members and fresh ideas.  We will continue to guide ourselves with the same ethics and morals while building fantastic partnerships and delivering value to all those we engage.

Our guiding members are now five-strong which allows for more bandwidth and better decentralization of strategic decisions.  We never imagined that we would be where we are when we started this organization and we’re all incredibly proud to be associated and partnered with someone as valuable as Petrix.

If you thought the first two quarters of 2021 were exciting we suggest you hold onto your seat.  With a growing community of blockchain enthusiasts and core members working synchronously to deliver value and push MoonBoots forward, the next six months are about to get incredibly interesting.

Welcome, Petrix.  Welcome, Dude Army.  Let’s work together to put Moonboots and our various strong communities on the map.  We have a responsibility to challenge the status quo of the centralized system with life-changing frameworks, opportunities, and education.  There is no doubt amongst our team that we are in the middle of one of the most exciting and innovative cycles in the history of web 3.0.  Let’s make it count.


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