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An interview with Uniqly.io who is redefining the lines of tangibility with NFT cryptographic assets.

Moonboots Capital was a recent proud investor in the private sale rounds for Uniqly. Uniqly.io is revolutionizing the NFT space making previously intangible assets tangible and has created new markets and ways to transact bringing artists’ NFT’s to life.

We are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to chat for a few moments with the Founder Christopher Perdek. Make sure you take some time to visit their website and join them in telegram. All socials and links published at the bottom of this article.


Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you came to find blockchain? 

A: Hi, I’m Christopher Perdek and I think I can be considered an investor and entrepreneur. I’ve always been interested in wealth building and I grew up to be quite tech-savvy. I’ve followed the rise and fall of crypto while getting quite a profit for myself, and since then I’ve been interested in digital currency. That interest translated into a wider knowledge of the blockchain as a whole, dictated by the need to be able to maneuver in that niche of the market. After many years of passive presence in the scene, I’ve noticed a gap in the market and decided to assume a more active take and bring something of mine to the digial world.

Q: How would you describe an NFT to a friend who hasn’t had any exposure to blockchain?

A: Like a painting or a sculpture, but fully digital. This is the shortest description of NFT for me, as each different art piece is a singular unit, and each piece of NFT is a unique block of code.

Q: NFT’s have traditionally been less tangible assets. What is Uniqly and how does it change this reality?

A:Uniqly is a project backed by a European team of blockchain experts that has found a market need and is trying to fulfill it. NFT has come to the mainstream public, but the final push to really get digital goods in the open is needed. Uniqly wants to give that final push by creating the opportunity for people to materialize their NFT, giving real-world value to digital items.

Q: Why have an asset backed with an NFT?

A: To bind an NFT to an item has multiple benefits. First of all, it’s definite proof of ownership and authenticity, then is also much easier to trade and manage than a normal physical asset. No need to package the item and send it, just give the signature and proof of ownership and you are good to go.

Q: How big is the team, where are you based, and how long have you been working on Uniqly?

A: The team is composed of 5 executives and 16 teammates — 5 developers, 7 community and social media managers, 1 accountant, 2 graphics designers, 1 partnership manager, 2 physical product designer, and 3 employees to supervise the supply chain we are an international team, with talents from all over the world, at Uniqly we are mixing both experienced veterans of the scene and young entrepreneurs with already proved successes on their shoulders. We started to work on Uniqly in November 2020 and we are proud to see our project come to life with such support from the community. It’s only thanks to our fantastic team that we managed to have such a great start, but really the community has received us with open arms!

Q: Who is your target demographic and how will you scale your user base?

A: We are trying to breach into the mainstream market, so more than a demographic we can say that we think the most interested people will be artists, collectors, and amateurs trying to make it into the NFT world. Our services are catered towards both experienced customers and people that are just trying their hands at the whole digital art niche, so we are trying to give the best product we can to ensure organic growth. Of course, we plan to boost this growth with targeted drops, collaborations with influencers, a targeted Twitter campaign, and email lists or newsletters catered towards our user base.

How does the escrow service work and which types of items do you anticipate will see the most traffic?

A: The escrow is a basic model, already used by banks and private collectors alike. You will simply send us your item, we will validate it, give you proof of ownership, proof of authenticity, and store it into our secure warehouse. The revolutionary thing is that we will also associate it with a digital signature, and give you the NFT piece attached to your item, meaning that you will be able to sell it or trade it without the need to take it back from our warehouse. We think that the NFT world is still too young to be able to see such trends. Maybe it will be meme prints, maybe autographed items and other collectibles, maybe private clothes collections, the possibilities really are endless. For now, the market is pretty childish, the majority of users are either after a quick buck or simply have too much currency on their hands. Memes and other forms of archaic internet history are something that is in really high demand, but we expect that after Beeple shows in six months top the focus will shift towards actual digital art and high-end products. Once Uniqly will be fully functional, with all our features up and running the market will be mature enough to support a wide and varied economy.

Q: Can you talk about your token economy? How does it work and what are some of the benefits of buying and holding tokens?

A: To put it simply UNIQ is the base of our ecosystem. You can simply invest in the token as it is for normal cryptocurrency, or actually use it on our website to fulfill various purposes. You can trade them, use them to burn tokens for your physical items, stake them into pools that give you rewards and other benefits from Unilqly. You will have access to special digital art collections and you will get a percentage of the profits of the project if you are a UNIQ holder. We share 15% of the profits of the marketplace to holders, and 15% of profits will go back to the buyback and burning of UNIQ. Also if you hold more than 10k UNIQ you will get access to special collections of NFT products.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about the deployment of the MVP and a brief overview of your roadmap?

A: While we think that the entire Uniqly ecosystem is important, we of course take pride in the materializator. We recognized this particular need from the market and we wanted to fill it with quality products. The materializator is our solution and the heart of our project. That’s not to say that we are one-trick ponies, we also provide an escrow service, a generator of NFT products, staking pools of our currency, and a marketplace to facilitate trade between users.

Q: Obviously NFT’s are not a fad and not going away. How do you see the market evolving and how does your unique positioning align you to be at the forefront?

A: Well, we need to give a look at the wider picture before considering the immediate answer to that question. We are currently in a period of great volatility. We know what happens when the dollar goes down, and that’s great news for all cryptos. NFT art is in a pivotal moment, and with the physicalization of NFT items, we will be able to bridge the gap with the mainstream public. Uniqly is at the forefront of this change, as we are the first to recognize this market need and move towards filling it in the most complete manner possible.

Q: What types of items can one back with a tangible NFT? Which possibilities excite you the most?

A: Well, the list is long. You can back anything ranging from a t-shirt to a 3d print. You can tie your limited edition Jordan to an NFT, or your expensive watch. There are very few limits, and the possibility to trade freely with people all over the world without the hassle of dealing with expedition expenses, packaging, and taxes is quite exciting.

Q: Will you work with major retailers in the future or are your plans more peer to peer?

A: We may work alongside them, but we plan to focus specifically on peer 2 peer interaction, ease of use for new customers, and a lot of valuable features for our users.

Q: Where is Uniqly in a perfect world in two years? What is your vision landmark event when you are pleased with your progress and the impact it has made? Have you set any strategic goals?

A: Well we will be entering the mainstream market with a bang! As the precursor of digital goods materialization, we have a headstart on a lot of people, and we will definitely shake the entire NFT market! Our project is perfect for this moment, and we are going to cover a market need that no one realized was present. We of course have set ourselves a list of goals, like the cross-chain interactions and the other listings, but we are mainly focusing on developing the potential of our project and make a solid product even in the early stages.

Q: Is there anything else you would like the readers to know? Hints and leaks always welcome of course.

A: While obviously, I can’t say much, just keep in mind the endless possibilities, and don’t think only about t-shirts and other merch, we have a lot planned for the future. We will announce collaborations, various drops, and much more. so do think big things for us!



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