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Moonboots Capital is a value adding Venture Capital Network and Community inspired by decentralized blockchain technology

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Venture capital

MoonBoots is a value-adding Venture Capital fund for early-stage blockchain projects who traditionally invest in crypto assets by private and seed sales.

Blockchain Advisory

We work with projects through various advisory roles including marketing, business development, community initatives, merchandising and more.

Investor Community

We have a large public community and a discerning smaller community of investors which allow us to write tickets from 50 to 500 K for seed and private sales.

Our Portfolio

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Grow Crypto is a collective of talented blockchain entrepreneurs specializing in community, marketing, video production, design, content strategy, and animation.

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Moonboots capital on Enzyme Finance

MoonBoots Capital is a multi-strategy, actively managed Vault on Enzyme Finance that seeks to outperform Bitcoin as its benchmark.

Led by a team of of crypto investors with extensive experience and strong track records, we look to capitalise on this generational opportunity.

Let’s Work together

MoonBoots Capital works to enrich and support the projects we invest in.  From video production, graphic design, and branding, to business development, community support, and blockchain advising, we have services to help you from launch to scaling.

Join Our Vip

Our VIP group is completely free to join although we do like to do some vetting to ensure members can help bring new skills, ideas and specalties to help enhance the offerings we support.  We do keep the group relatively limited but our members benefit with access to early private sales on projects we work with.  If you feel like you might be a great fit, write us an email explaining what you can bring to the group and tell us a little about yourself.

Moon Shop

We will soon be releasing Moon Shop and we’re looking to partner with great projects to help manage their promotions and merchandising. If you want to remove headaches but still have amazing merchandise for giveaways and promos, we are looking to partner with you.

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